Lucky Cookie is a proposed feature film that will be a chinese- Australian co-production to appeal to both chinese and Western audiences as well as take advantage of financial incentives in both countries.


Lucky Cookie is about a young chinese girl called June who finds herself in a difficult situation in Australia. originally intending to open a design studio with her Australian fiancée mark, her world is turned upside down after mark is killed in a car accident and she loses her visa status to stay in the country.

However June doesn’t simply give up and such adversity reminds her of her parents who struggled so long to provide for her. By baking and selling traditional chinese pastries they gave her an opportunity to succeed in life while also creating a tailored family recipe. realising she must fight to stay in the so called “Lucky country”, June quickly turns the intended design studio into a bakery for her to create the same pastries made from her family’s secret recipe.

As June tries to turn her fortune, she is brought into conflict with several different people from her immigration officer to a rival shopkeeper. Through it all she works to better her situation and through the creation of her own Lucky cookie pastry she learns that everyone needs some inspiration and luck to get through life.

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